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Dark Chocolate Caramels

Sometimes, the easiest things to do are the hardest ones to make.

Take caramel, for example. Making caramel using local sugar can be quite a daunting task as the sugar quality is seldom consistent (Sometimes too watery, sometimes too dry). It is only because we looove caramel so much that we tried and tried and tried and tried numerous times before we got it right.

Not too sweet. Soft and chewy. And chocolatey.

Yes. Chocolatey. We added dark chocolate because everything just tastes better with chocolate. Don’t you think?


So here’s our take on caramel. Risa Dark Chocolate Caramel. Made the old fashioned way (We think it’s more delicious that way).


Do give it a try. We’ll be selling these at the Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival this weekend, September 7-9, 2012). Limited quantities only. Hope to see you there!