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Risa Chocolates at World Eats this Weekend!

We’re very excited to share with you all the delicious stuff brewing in our kitchen! Take a peek this weekend at Pinoy Eats World’s World Eats at The Podium. See you there!

Differently delicious! You will love our Risa Hot Chocolate!

Sneak a peek into our new look!


NEW! Cuadro Chocolate Bars for Christmas!

Chocolate Bars to Spread Happiness this Christmas!

More Chocolate Surprises to Come!

Hi, Risa Chocolate Friends!

It has been a busy year and we hope you are all in good shape in spite of the current challenges the world is experiencing right now. : ) Here at Risa, we’ve been busy trying to learn more about you and how we can give you better products. So it is with our sincerest apology that we ask you to please bear with us as we take a few steps back and work on giving you even more delicious products. We’ll be fully operational by the last quarter of this year. In the meantime, we can still accommodate orders, but lead time will have to be 1-2 weeks (vs the usual 3 days). Thanks for understanding and do visit this site from time to time.

Take care! Drink lots of water and keep eating chocolate! : )

New for the Chocolate Stocking!

I have yet to upload a picture, but Risa Chocolates has a new product!

Introducing: Risa Chocolate Buttercrunch.
It’s butterry, crunchy, moderately nudged with almonds & hazelnuts, dipped in delicious dark chocolate to complement the buttercrunch.

We’ve tested this on the market and have received good feedback (We’ve even received orders already! Wow!), so we’re offerring this to you!

Only php220 for a pack of Chocolate Buttercrunch goodies! Call us now for orders!

Christmas Gifts for 2009

Sorry we haven’t updated our site. We’ve been busy preparing the chocolates as you like them! : )

For this Christmas, we listened to you so you now get your Risa Chocolate Truffles at bite size versions (A lot have said it’s not too chic to get smudges on your teeth while sharing chocolates with friends. We agree!) and we’re offerring it at a more affordable price.

You can now get your favorite Risa Chocolate Truffles at php320 for a box of 15 bite size pieces! And, for now, we offer 2 flavors: Classic & White Chocolate.

Our Christmas gift for our all you chocoholics out there because We Truffle You!

Thank You for a Warm Welcome!


Thank you to everyone who gave their support for Risa Chocolates either by sharing your heartfelt greetings, your wonderful suggestions, for purchasing Risa Chocolates, for sharing a booth, for giving your ideas generously, etc. etc. Though Risa Chocolates started late (We actually just sold for 4 days in December! Haha!), your support really made us see that it’s better late than never! Here’s to a deliciously exciting 2009 for all of us! Hold on tight! More suprises await you! Happy New Year!

Details, Details

5 Rockafellas

How are Risa Chocolates packaged?

With much love! Risa Chocolates are packed in food-grade paper, placed in a chocolate brown box, and sealed with the prettiest Risa sleeve.

How much are Risa Chocolates?

I Truffle Yous

  • Php345 for a box of 20 bite size truffles.
  • Php120 for a box of 6 bite size truffles.


  • To be updated!

How do I order Risa Chocolates when there are no bazaars?

To be honest, we’re still working out the details of the pick up points and maybe a delivery system. If you can’t find us in a bazaar, do call +63918-9424573 or email us at and let’s see if we can meet up.