Who’s Risa?

From Spain’s risas and Italy’s risata, Risa is born out of a passion for life, love, and, of course, laughter. But as much fun as Risa can be, the one thing Risa is serious about is creating chocolates that are seriously delicious. So seriously delicious that they have the ability to make people happy. Seriously!

So who’s Risa again?

In your hands, Risa is more than premium made-to-order chocolates—Risa is a passport to flavor-lasting happiness, a portal to confectionary pleasure, a seriously delicious way to feel delighted, excited, and even, perhaps, uplifted.


29 responses to “Who’s Risa?

  1. Go, go, go Risa!!!! ; ) congratulations for finally taking step no. 1!

    The photos look incredibly luscious! I know the chocs will just be as decadent as they look. Will text you for an order this week!

  2. Love the site! Can’t wait for free yummy chocolates! Woohoo!!!

    Sorry guys, I’m the sister so I’m entitled to unlimited free taste tests (ehem, where are they anyway???)!

    • Thanks, Trish! I have Jenni, Bee, and David to thank for the site. Share the site with your friends ha.

      On the free taste test — you did tell me you were going on a diet, so I shall help you with that. Hwehwehwe!

  3. Ms “RISAAAAAA” Congraaaatulations 🙂 !!!!

  4. Risa eh, Pam? :p Congratulations on making your dream come true! I’ll visit one of your bazaars. Am eager to order.

    • Lori!!!! Thanks so much! You’re one of the few who encouraged me to pursue the dream way before! I’ll see you soon!

  5. Hi Risa!

    I bought chocolates from you at the la vista bazaar. Your truffles are absolutely the yummiest!!! They are heavenly!!!

    God bless and more power to you!!!

    • Hi, Shirley! Thank you so much for your generous comment and for taking the effort to leave a comment! Much, much appreciated. : ) Feel free to give suggestions on how we can improve ha. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi, so this chocolates are not imported and locally made? A must try.

    • Hi, Kris! Yes the chocolates are locally made (Made in Mandaluyong to be accurate. Hehehe.), but the ingredients are a mix of imported and local. : )

  7. Hi Choco Friend! Greetings from NY! Congratulations for making your dream come true!!! The chocolates look and taste absolutely divine!!!

    Wishing you much success with Risa Chocolates!

    • Choco Friend!!! Thank you so much for dropping by the site, Sandra! Can’t wait ’til you make your own chocos! I’ll see you really soon!!!

  8. hi! Do you have a branch now that can be visited? =)

    • Hi, Mai!

      We’re still looking for a good affordable location for our first branch. : ) Will definitely let you know once we have a branch. thanks for taking the time to check on us. : )

  9. I am looking for some 100% local chocolates or related products. Cocoa beans Grown in Philippines, Nibs made in Philippines, Chocolate made in Philippines, retail is sold in Philippines. Any ideas? Thank you! mark

    • Hi, Mark!

      Good to see your interest in Philippine chocolates. For cocoa beans and nibs, do contact the Cocoa Foundation at +632 4134408. For chocolates made in the Philippines (not necessarily made out of local chocolates as there is hardly anyone who makes local couverture), do Google the following chocolatiers: Chocolates by Benoit, Macchiavelli, Paulene’s Chocolat, Theo & Philo, and yours truly Risa Chocolates. Good luck!

  10. Hi! I bought a box of truffles during the UTT 5.0 and I want more! How can I order?

    • Oh wow. Thank you so much! We’ll be in the St. James bazaar in Ayala Alabang on November 26-29 and on December 4, 11, 12, and 18 in Mercato Centrale in the Fort. Let us know where you’re coming from because we might be able to do a meet up. : )

  11. Hi Guys,

    Yes, you may link my blog post (on the truffles) here! I’ll definitely go to the St. James Bazaar.

  12. hello mam pham see you in st.james on november hehehehe!!! ganda po ng website mu dami comment….jevir po e2 nakasama nyo concessionaire sa karl edward THICK HAIR..

    • risachocolates

      Hello Jevir!

      Nice to see you here! Of course, I remember you! How can I forget someone as funny, energetic, and nice as you are! Yes see you in St. James!

  13. Hello Risa,

    I bought your tiramisu cuadro bar at the greenbelt 1 bazaar last friday. And I must say, they’re really good. The combination of the white chocolate, cream cheese, and that cocoa powder on top is perfect! I was also able to taste a sample of your rum chocolate truffles and they’re heavenly. Where will you be next? I hope somewhere in the North Edsa area or greenbelt again. =)

    • risachocolates

      Thanks so much for trying and loving our Tiramissyou Cuadro bar! We’ll be back in Greenbelt 1 this Friday then in NBC Tent at the Fort on Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for the suggestion on North Edsa! We’ll definitely consider it!

  14. hi.. i just bought 4-dozen of your praline chocolate promo via dealgrocer. may i ask if it is possible to make it into 8 half dozen seperate boxes instead? im planning to give it as a xmas gift on december. hoping for your immediate reply.. thank you! good day!

    • Hi! Thank you for buying from Deal Grocer. We sell as how it was seen on Deal Grocer. We can make your order into 8 separate half dozen boxes, but it will follow the regular price of our half dozen box which is php230 per box. : )

  15. Hi, i’ve heard great things about the chocolates. Is there a store where you can purchase it?

    • risachocolates

      Hello, Raphael! Thank you very much for dropping us a line here! We currently do not have a store (but we are working on it!), but you can order our products via Speedregalo.com.ph. Click on the Food Category and look for Risa Chocolate. Do let us know if you need more information by emailing us at risachocolates@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Raphael!

      Sorry for the late reply! Do visit us at the Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival this weekend, Sept 7-9, to purchase our products!

      You can also order via Speedregalo.com.ph or we can arrange a meet up in Makati or the Fort area on certain days. Do email us at chocolates@risa.ph.

      We’re also working on improving where we can sell our products. Hope to update you soon!

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