A New Chocolate Praline at the Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival!

What exactly are pralines? In the numerous sources we’ve read, the definition depends on which part of the globe you’re on or simply which kind of chocolate you want. Pralines for the French is any confection that has crushed nuts while Pralines for the Belgian is a piece of chocolate with filling inside.

We say both are correct and wise to come up with such a delicious kind of confection. We’ve been inspired so we share our pralines with you at this weekend’s Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival.

Salted Caramel, Crispy Hazelnut, Dark Mint, Hot Cocoa, Tiramisu, Strawberry Vinaigrette, and a new praline we’re introducing in this festival.


In case you want to sample the new praline, scheduled sampling for this new praline is from 5-6 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 4-5 pm on Sunday.

**If you’re into guessing games, here’s a clue: It’s a well loved beverage named after an equally well loved government official who helped abolish slavery in a country that is drinks a lot of this beverage.



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