Details, Details

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How are Risa Chocolates packaged?

With much love! Risa Chocolates are packed in food-grade paper, placed in a chocolate brown box, and sealed with the prettiest Risa sleeve.

How much are Risa Chocolates?

I Truffle Yous

  • Php345 for a box of 20 bite size truffles.
  • Php120 for a box of 6 bite size truffles.


  • To be updated!

How do I order Risa Chocolates when there are no bazaars?

To be honest, we’re still working out the details of the pick up points and maybe a delivery system. If you can’t find us in a bazaar, do call +63918-9424573 or email us at and let’s see if we can meet up.



4 responses to “Details, Details

  1. Hi! I’m interested to try your chocolate truffles and I would just like to ask if ever, where would the chocolates be picked up?


    I live in Paranaque, by the way. 🙂

    • risachocolates

      Hi, Marian!

      Thank you for visiting our site and sorry for the late reply. We’re currently working on some changes for Risa Chocolates and will be fully operational at the latter part of this year; however, if you are not in a rush, we would gladly accommodate any orders. : ) If you are in Paranaque, you can pick up your truffles in BF Northwest. : )

  2. Hi, when and where are your available places for the chocolates to be picked up?

    • risachocolates

      Hi Jeff!
      Thanks for dropping by our site! Thanks too for taking the time to send us an sms on your inquiry. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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