All you want for Christmas…

Risa is coming to a bazaar near you!


Santa’s Christmas Bazaar at La Vista, La Vista Clubhouse, Quezon City

December 13-14 (Saturday & Sunday), 2008, 9 am to 7 pm

Look for Booth #80!


Rockwell Tent, Makati

December 22-23 (Monday & Tuesday), 2008, 10 am to 11 pm

Look for Booth #140!

See you there!


4 responses to “All you want for Christmas…

  1. It’s a little bizarre (heh), but I’ve always wanted to sell something … anything! … in a bazaar. Alas, can’t leave my corpy lifestyle just yet.

    Your chocolates look good! Will look out for them in the Rockwell bazaar.

    • Wysgal! What an honor! Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to meeting you “live” in the Rockwell bazaar. We can talk about selling in a bazaar while being in the corporate world. : )

  2. Tried it yesterday for the first time, and man! Royce has found its local competitor! 🙂

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