A New Chocolate Praline at the Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival!

What exactly are pralines? In the numerous sources we’ve read, the definition depends on which part of the globe you’re on or simply which kind of chocolate you want. Pralines for the French is any confection that has crushed nuts while Pralines for the Belgian is a piece of chocolate with filling inside.

We say both are correct and wise to come up with such a delicious kind of confection. We’ve been inspired so we share our pralines with you at this weekend’s Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival.

Salted Caramel, Crispy Hazelnut, Dark Mint, Hot Cocoa, Tiramisu, Strawberry Vinaigrette, and a new praline we’re introducing in this festival.


In case you want to sample the new praline, scheduled sampling for this new praline is from 5-6 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 4-5 pm on Sunday.

**If you’re into guessing games, here’s a clue: It’s a well loved beverage named after an equally well loved government official who helped abolish slavery in a country that is drinks a lot of this beverage.


Dark Chocolate Caramels

Sometimes, the easiest things to do are the hardest ones to make.

Take caramel, for example. Making caramel using local sugar can be quite a daunting task as the sugar quality is seldom consistent (Sometimes too watery, sometimes too dry). It is only because we looove caramel so much that we tried and tried and tried and tried numerous times before we got it right.

Not too sweet. Soft and chewy. And chocolatey.

Yes. Chocolatey. We added dark chocolate because everything just tastes better with chocolate. Don’t you think?


So here’s our take on caramel. Risa Dark Chocolate Caramel. Made the old fashioned way (We think it’s more delicious that way).


Do give it a try. We’ll be selling these at the Eastwood Mall Chocolate Festival this weekend, September 7-9, 2012). Limited quantities only. Hope to see you there!



Thank you for your patience! We have now found a way to deliver your favorite Risa Chocolate! Do check out Speedregalo.com.ph to find out how you can have your Risa Chocolate fix!

Where to Find Risa Chocolates In The Next Couple of Days

Thanks to one of our readers (Ricca) plus a number of sms we’ve received in the past week, just dropping a line to let you know how you can get hands on our chocolates.

Do contact us for your orders:

Email: risachocolates@yahoo.com

Mobile Number: +63 918 9424573


For the month of December, we do meet ups every Wednesday and Saturday in Makati (Greenbelt or Glorietta) and Ortigas (Podium at lunch time). Last day prior to Christmas is December 21.

Bazaar: Chocolate Festival at the 3/F Eastwood Mall on Dec. 16-17, 2011.

Always best to give us advance notice as we have limited stocks. Thanks and see you soon! Gotta get back to the kitchen!

Bring Back that Christmas Feelin’ (Start with our chocolates!)!

Blame it on age or being an entrep, but Christmas has been coming late as the years come along. In the Philippines, Christmas used to come as soon as the ‘ber (September, October, November, December) months come, with Christmas songs being played and Christmas lights suddenly brighten the nights. It doesn’t seem that way lately.

For this year’s Christmas, my chocolate creations are very personal. More than just selling chocolates, it is my own effort and wish for Christmas to be felt once more (and shared!), not just in our own home, but also in every home that our chocolates will be fortunate to enter.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Give a warm hug and half a dozen of our delicious chocolates as a special Christmas treat!

L-R, Top to bottom: Chocolate Mint, Tiramisu, Strawberry Vinaigrette, Crispy Hazelnut, Hot Cocoa, Salted Caramel

A dozen ways to celebrate Christmas!

Isn't this such a delicious excuse for a get together?


*Half a Dozen box Php230 / A Dozen Box Php450

Excited for Christmas?

All the yumminess of Christmas are captured in our Christmas Collection!

So are we!

There’s just something in the air, and a memory or two, that remind us that Christmas is here! In our kitchen, we tried to capture all the flavors of Christmas for the 2011 Risa Chocolates Christmas Collection. Take a sneak peek and keep coming back to our site to find out more. Merry Christmas!

Risa Chocolates at World Eats this Weekend!

We’re very excited to share with you all the delicious stuff brewing in our kitchen! Take a peek this weekend at Pinoy Eats World’s World Eats at The Podium. See you there!

Differently delicious! You will love our Risa Hot Chocolate!

Sneak a peek into our new look!

Risa Chocolates at The Podium This Weekend!

See you this weekend!

Risa Chocolates proudly joins World Eats food bazaar at the Podium this weekend (Friday to Sunday)! See you there!

Where is Risa Chocolates This Week?

Hello, Friends, Family, Chocophiles, and Chocoholics!

Delicious truffles, tasty chocolate bars, healthy cacao nibs, and a surprise chocolate food will go your way in the following areas this week:

July 15 Greenbelt 1 bazaar (under the escalator, near Automatic Center and across Via Mare and Wendy’s), 10 am to 9 pm.
July 16/17 NBC Tent at The Fort, 10 am to 7 pm

See you there!!!

Risa Chocolates goes to Makati this Weekend!

Come visit and try more Risa Chocolates this Friday and Saturday at the Greenbelt 1 bazaar, 10 am to 10 pm! See you there!